November 27, 2006

Nokia E61


I bought the E61 which is a piece of email queen 3 months ago, after drooling over my friends E61 for over 2 months. Nokia has delivered a beast for email and SMS. My expectations were high that day in septmember when I reached the disk at the phone shop. I remember thinking, "don't be sold out, please don't be sold out". The assistant in the shop could see my worried face turn into a huge smile when he laid the precious shiny smartphone on the desk. If you have the habit of always staying online, this is the phone.

  • WCDMA provides fast, wide-area connectivity
  • WLAN provides fast, local-area connectivity
If you read and send emails constantly, this is the phone.
You can check out the reviews here.

  • Support for a choice of email solutions
  • Supports push email solutions that provide immediate notification when a new email is received (Intellisync Wireless Email, BlackBerry Connect, Good Mobile Messaging, Seven Always-On Mail, Visto email technology)1
  • Works with security and collaboration solutions (Nokia mVPN, Symantec Firewall and Anti-Virus, Pointsec Data Protection, IBM Tivoli, Nokia configurator)
  • Mail for Exchange2
  • POP3/IMAP supported in native email client
  • Contacts and calendar compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
If you use MSN, Skype, VOIP you can use this phone.

If you want to watch your DVD's on a bigger than normal screen. This is the phone.
See smartmovie for Symbian and you'll know.

If you belive in smartphone security, this is a phone with a bunch of security features.
  • Internal security: device lock and device wipe
  • Additional security solutions separately available, such as Pointsec Data Protection and Symantec Firewall and Anti-virus